Virgin TPU Polymerization

What’s a polyurethane?
As the reaction of information of the urethane group is R-NCO  + R’-OH   ->   R-NH-COO-R’

What’s a TPU?
Thermoplastic polyurethanes(TPUs) are lineal polymers formed by  the polymerization reaction of three basic components.

1. A diisocyanate (NCO-R-OCN)
2. A short chain diol, so called chain extender (HO-R’-OH)
3. A long chain diol, so called polyol (HO————–OH)

TPU manufacturing Process
Batch Process : This uses a one-shot technique, in which the Polyol is mixed with   the chain extender. The diisocyanate is added later.  The product is cured and finally pelletized.  This is the oldest process and has a low level of productivity.

Continuous Process – Sambu’s Process

This process the polymerization is produced in a reaction-extruder. The raw materials are added continuously in the inlet and a special design of the screws plus a perfect control of temperatures. This process requires a very accurate feeding system. At the exit of the extruder the product is pelletized, cooled down and dried continuously to get the minimum level of humidity. This process has a high level of productivity and high consistency.

  • Characteristics


  • Physical Properties & Hardness

tpu-physical properties&hardnes

  • ECOTHANE Summary

tpu-ecothane summary

ECOTHANE is made up of block copolymer molecules with  alternating hard and soft segments.  It is the combination of soft, elastic segments with a high extensibility and low glass transition temperature, on the one hand, and hard crystal segments with a high melting point, on the other hand, that gives the material its elastomeric nature. By altering the ratio of the rigid phase,  it is possible to vary properties such as hardness, strength, rigidity,     extensibility and low-temperature flexibility over a broad range.  A distinction is drawn between polyether and polyester polyurethane as a function of the polyols employed.

  • ECOTHANE Categories

tpu-ecothane categorie

Standard Packing
• 25 kg polyethylene bag
• 600 kg super sack package

Handling / Storage Precautions
Handle in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety practices. Wash thoroughly after handling.  Avoid breathing dust. Containers should be kept tightly closed to prevent contamination. Material is hygroscopic  and may absorb small amounts of atmospheric moisture.

First aid
• EYE CONTACT : In case of contact, flush eyes with plenty of lukewarm water. Get medical attention if irritation develops.
• SKIN CONTACT : Get medical attention if thermal burn occurs.
• INHALATION : If inhaled, remove to fresh air.
• INGESTION : Get medical attention.