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Thank you for visiting our website.
I’m Hee-dae Park, the CEO of Sambu Fine Chemical.

We have been creating “something” from “nothing".
We have been trying to make a difference and create innovations by boldly taking paths that others had never taken or told us not to take.

Everyone is saying that the economic condition is so bad these days. However, looking back, I’m wondering how many good times we have had so far.
Circumstances could not overweigh our strong will, which have always opened up new windows of opportunity.
Even though we have experienced failures while trying to take the opportunities, they have become a good stepping-stone for success and a driving force to move forward.

We cannot describe ourselves without mentioning words like “world’s first and best” or “innovation”.
Indeed, we have been making improvements in our organization and culture in order to bring innovation not only to our products, but also to the way of our thinking, our people, and our work. Elimination of seniority system, technology-oriented, performance-based treatment, and continuous self-development—these have already become our slogan, pride, and core values, which have become deeply rooted in our organization.

If there is a certain area wherein a new product is yet to be introduced as a result of innovative values, we see it as an area of opportunity and challenge.

We will become a global business hub and platform in the future.
From our area of specialization to other various areas, we will create a virtuous cycle in the business ecosystem. Therefore, I ask you to stay with us during our journey toward a bigger success and show us your support. As a company that values life, we promise to offer good solutions that will help make your lives better as we strive to continuously make a difference.

Thank you.

Hee-dae Park

CEO of Sambu Fine Chemical Co., Ltd

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