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From Hotmelt TPU film in various thicknesses, a key material for no-sew operation, to Skin-Logo with excellent elasticity and no cracking, to TPU Coated Textile with high abrasion resistance, durability, great water repellency and migration free features, to PU Foam that has resilience and air permeability, all Sambu FC products are widely used as important materials in shoes industry. Moreover, their potential areas of application are almost limitless.

The advanced technologies of Sambu FC have been adopted by many global companies and widely recognized. You may already use our products as a part of the shoes that you are wearing now.


Sambu’s TPU coated textile (Dream-Tex) has an excellent level of water repellency, wear resistance, and durability. Combined with high-performing functionality, it also offers a unique touch.

It has been utilized in almost all kinds of apparel that requires special functions including various sportswear, which satisfies customers from across a wide range of industrial areas. As it can be blended with all kinds of yarns and offer various functionalities depending on the blending proportion, it has become a more appealing textile solution.



Made of Polyurethane resin, the PU Skin product by Sambu Fine Chemical is highly flexible, durable, and free of cracks because of its distinctive properties. It is the most ideal textile to create logos, the most important part of branding.

As a partner of several global companies including Samsung, LG, Apple, Microsoft, etc., Sambu has been offering logo solutions for a variety of IT products, as well as hot-melt films and protective TPU sheets for the adhesion of pads, cases, etc. It is no doubt that TPU is a truly a next-generation product well-received by all kinds of industries.


TPU is a next-generation material that has been getting lots of attention from people around the world. As it can be applied to all kinds of products, the scope of its application in the future is almost limitless.

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