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Ecothane (TPU Pellet)

As a thermoplastic polymer product, the TPU can be repeatedly molded in various shapes. Its unique physical properties have caught great attention in various industrial areas.
Depending on the types of polyol used and the compounding ratio of raw materials, different physical properties can be achieved. Therefore, Sambu has been committed to ensuring thorough control of raw materials and correct formulation based on the knowledge it has amassed over the years in order to produce and supply high-quality products in accordance with the customers’ needs.

What is Polyurethane?

The reaction of the urethane group formation is
R-NCO + R'-OH → R-NH-COO-R'.


What is TPU?

TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethanes) is a linear segmented-block copolymer created through a polymerizing reaction of the three basic ingredients below.

1. A diisocyanate (NCO-R-NCO)
2. A short-chain diol, or chain extender (OH-R’-OH)
3. A long-chain diol, or polyol (OH -------------- OH)



- High wear resistance
- High tension
- High elasticity
- High tensile strength
- High adhesion
- Formability such as molding
- Recyclability
- Excellent flexibility in accordance with a variety of temperature range
- Nontoxic eco-friendly material (no plasticizer, recyclable)

However, as the physical property may vary depending on the types of polyol used and the compounding ratio of raw materials, you can have choices for products that suit your purpose and needs. Sambu has been improving the performance of its products by properly mixing various additives to meet the customers’ needs.

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