Products of Sambu Fine Chemical


Green TPU Sheet

NASA-T Green by Sambu Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. is an environment-friendly product that contains more than 25% of eco-friendly substances and similar properties compared to existing NASA products. It is comprised of green polyester threads made by the combination of Bio 1,3-PDO Susterra®. As a green item developed through our continuous efforts to preserve the environment, it has been officially certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and used by many global companies.

Eco air

As a part of the company’s recycling activities, it refers to a TPU sheet made by recycling TPU scraps, a material for shoes. The ultimate goal of our eco project is to realize ZERO WASTE through continuous research.

Eco Pop

As a part of the company’s recycling activities, Eco Pop refers to the popped version of Eco Air. The TPU sheet foam is mainly used for high-frequency molding and cutting.

Eco Max

As a product made by recycling TPU scraps created after a high-frequency operation, Eco Max is a clear demonstration of Sambu’s commitment to reducing waste by maximizing TPU’s unique recyclable property.

Eco MG

Made of recycled FUSE scraps created during the production processes, its volume is magnified after the production of sheets. It not only reduces operational waste, but it also has a good design, which makes it popular among users.

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