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Combat Prejudice Against Chemical Companies

Sambu Fine Chemical will take the leading role in fighting against the prejudice that all chemical companies adversely affect the environment. TPU, the major product of Sambu, is 100% recyclable and can be reprocessed even if it is defective, which results in minimal wastage. In addition, we have been committed to reducing waste created during a variety of processes and further developing recycling technologies that enabled us to recreate other products made from scraps through special processes. As such, ZERO WASTE has become the essence of our environment-conscious policy. In addition, we try to find ways to achieve the goal and share the same vision as our partners.

Presence of Aqueous Cleaning/Releasing Agents

Sambu Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. was established with its manufacture of the world’s first aqueous cleaning/releasing agents. In 1983, the time when the company was founded and nobody cared about the environment, we tried to avoid organic solvents that harm both humans and the environment. As a result of our eco-friendly efforts, were able to introduce aqueous cleaning and releasing agents whose quality and physical properties do not fall short of those of petroleum solvents, thus enabling us to make a huge difference in the industry.


Save “Water,” the Origin of All Living Creatures in the World

We do not use water during the dyeing process of our TPU coating yarns. It is something that we take pride in as such process prevents color migration for weaving fabrics by using TPU yarns. Moreover, it does not contaminate water. Many textile companies discharge a large amount of wastewater during the dyeing process, which is one of the major environment processes and has emerged as a global issue. Therefore, we have adopted the dope-dyed yarn technology as a part of our efforts to save the earth. Also, we will continue to take the lead in ensuring that the next generation will still have clean water, which is the lifeblood of humans.

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